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Matrix PicTicket.

Matrix PicTicket is the perfect technique for extremely user-friendly mobile ticketing. It's very simple:

Order and pay for ticket online or via call center.   Matrix PicTicket onto mobile phone.   Hold mobile to scanner - off you go!

Example: Roberta Rockfan hears of that concert of her favourite band. Spontaneously she orders a ticket from the organiser via the Internet or a call center. She demands Matrix PicTicket as the form of output, pays with her credit card number and hangs up.

In the background, the ticket data and SIM card ID are merged in a matter of seconds to generate a unique Data-Matrix-Code which is sent to her mobile as a Matrix PicTicket, along with the relevant concert information.

What Roberta receives is a Picture SMS, which she saves just as usual. At the entrance to the concert she opens the message, and her PicTicket will be read by a scanner and verified on the fly. She enters through an automatic turnstile or is admitted by personnel. Off she goes to pick the best seat, having passed the entrance much quicker than the waiting queues. Fast. Reliable. Comfortable. Just perfect for many applications in the field of mobile ticketing.

Just save up to 60% in distribution cost!
Including a broad range of further advantages.

Your client is the real winner:
 • Spontaneous buying decision through electronic ticket issuing
 • Comfortable ticket purchase from customers' home or workplace,
   24 hours a day
 • No waiting at traditional advance booking offices
 • No early arrival to pick up pre-booked tickets
 • No waiting in queues at the box office
 • Forgot your mobile? Not a problem! For a small fee, just call
   again and have your ticket sent to another phone
 • Stay in touch with complementary links/information
   such as directions, maps, further shows, hotel offers...
 • Benefit from all the advantages of a club membership
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