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For ticket distributors and everybody else concerned. Learn everything there is to know about the Matrix PicTicket technique.
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Ticket Purchase

The customer buys a ticket for an event on the Internet. He picks his category and the number of tickets, puts them into his shopping basket, and runs through the registration process. He then selects the form of delivery as Matrix PicTicket, sent directly to his mobile. All he has to do now is select make and model of his mobile phone from a list and enter his phone number. The only requirement is a mobile phone capable of receiving picture messages or MMS. Alternatively, the ticket may be printed. The customer pays online, and the purchase is finalised.
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Ticket delivery

For each ticket, one Picture SMS is sent as a Matrix PicTicket, along with the receipt that the user has already received online, granting the holder one-time admittance to the event. Along with this message comes important data about the event, further information, or promotional measures. Matrix PicTicket is literally foolproof. Replacing the ticket in case of loss or transferring it to another person is simple, secure, and totally reliable.
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Ticket printing

As an alternative to using the mobile phone, the user may print his valid Matrix PicTicket on any conventional PC - at home, at work, or at the hotel.
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Ticket replacement If for whatever reason the user happens to loose or delete his Matrix PicTicket, he may cancel it via Internet or call center and, for a small fee, have a new one sent to his mobile phone. As usual, authorisation takes place by providing username and password. The old ticket now looses its validity, ensuring that only one person per ticket is given admission to the event.

Ticket transfer An additional option allows tickets to be passed on legally to any given number of persons. They may be forwarded just like a text message, but do not remain in the sender's device. In case a forwarded ticket gets astray, the original ticket holder can easily cancel it. Just like traditional paper tickets, Matrix PicTickets are non-transferable. As a matter of principle, the buyer is responsible for tickets he has purchased - transferring them is at his own risk. These issues should be announced on the website prior to purchase. For legal reasons, the terms and conditions should point to the prohibition of manifolding tickets and the exclusion from further ticket purchases associated herewith, together with charges for the original ticket buyer.


At the entrance to the show the user presents his Matrix PicTicket to the admission staff, who read and verify it with their hand scanner - quickly and safely. If the Matrix PicTicket is valid, the customer is granted admission. Alternatively, automatic turnstiles may be deployed here.
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In the existing ticket system (the inventory system) all customer related data from the purchase are gathered, personalised, and sent to the Matrix PicTicket DB server as a data packet.
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From the data delivered by the inventory system, the Matrix PicTicket DB server generates a device-specific Matrix PicTicket and sends it to the particular MSISDN (mobile phone no.) via a SMS gateway. After the event, the same Matrix PicTicket DB server receives all admission information from the TourManager to create predefined reports.
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The TourOrganizer makes installation of any event on the Matrix PicTicket DB server fast and simple. All necessary information for the preparation of the Matrix PicTickets are pregenerated, such as maximum number of tickets for the specific event, layout of the Matrix PicTicket etc.
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Before the event, the TourManager collects all relevant ticket- and customer information from the Matrix PicTicket DB server into his MySQL DB using XML-query and an SSL-connection. Depending on the location, all scanners are linked to the TourManager via cable or wireless connection. Ticket verification takes place at the entrance by checking and voiding the Data-Matrix-Code on customers' mobile phone displays, whereupon they are granted access. In case a ticket is invalid, the problem may be examined together with the customer on the TourManager, reconstructing where and when he purchased the ticket. After the event, all information gathered by the TourManager is handed over to the Matrix PicTicket DB server for evaluation purposes.
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In case of ticket loss the user may have his Matrix PicTicket resent to his mobile by calling the customer care center, identifying himself with his username and password.
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