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In retail, everything has to be fast - Matrix PicCoupon saves a lot of work and labour time. And for the user, it is as easy as sending a text message. For further information, see also „Technology“ and „Product Description“.


When visiting the website of a merchant currently running a sales promotion, the customer comes across a particular goody: there's a 25% discount on certain items - visitors of the website may order their coupon straight away. The customer is thrilled; he clicks „accept“, thus giving his consent to this mobile „direct mailing“ promotion, fills the online order form with his personal data and chooses the (only available) form of transmission - as a Matrix PicCoupon, sent directly to his mobile phone. In doing so, he just picks make and model of his mobile from a list and enters his mobile telephone number. The only requirement is a device capable of receiving Picture SMS or MMS. Alternatively, the customer may print his PicCoupon.

A small excursus - catchword: permission marketing!
Needless to say, the customer's consent may be prompted for further activities in a more general sense. Surely an acceptable option for customers when redeemable vouchers are used as „introductory gifts“.
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Receiving coupons

Together with an order confirmation via auto responder which users also receive online, one Picture SMS per coupon will be sent as a Matrix PicCoupon, offering the customer a one-off redemption of the voucher. Important facts regarding the product or information on further promotional measures can be attached to the same message. The customer stores the Matrix PicCoupon just like an ordinary text message in his mobile until his next shopping trip.
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Option: Print Coupon

An alternative to using the mobile phone: the user may also print his valid Matrix Ticket from any conventional PC - at home, at work, or at the hotel.
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At the cash desk, the user presents his Matrix PicCoupon to the staff, who scans and verifies it quickly and securely. For a valid Matrix PicCoupon, the customer receives his rebate, which is then offset against the purchase price.
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The practical PicCoupon Organiser allows for every sales- or loyalty promotion to be set up quickly and easily on the Matrix PicCoupon DB server. In the process, all required information for the preparation of the Matrix PicCoupons are pregenerated, such as maximum quantity for the respective promotion, different validations, layout of the Matrix PicCoupons etc.
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From the data handed over by the merchant's server, the Matrix PicCoupon DB server generates for each model of mobile phone a specific Matrix PicCoupon and sends it to the respective MSISDN (phone number) via a SMS gateway. After redemption of the coupon the Matrix PicCoupon DB server in turn receives all redemption information from the POS/outlet to create predefined reports.
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The Matrix PicCoupon DB server may be linked to all existing payment and ERP systems.
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The PicCoupon allows for highly valid customer data to be generated for the respective CRM system.
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